The Sac (2018), HD video, 3'00 excerpt (original 6'45)

The steep ramps, sloped half-pipes and uneven surfaces of a skate-park are used as a crooked stage to think about disorientation and feelings of being unbalanced. Sandra, the overlooked figure of a 'bag lady' — a homeless woman who carries all of her belongings around with her in a number of bags, makes her way through the empty space. The character reflects on positioning; an internal monologue that meanders unexpectedly and indirectly through a number of topics (social status, past experiences, the symbolic, capitalism and psychological compulsion). She makes a case for her large collection of empty plastic bags, revealing to us a familiar and warped logic made up of desire, repetition and fear.

Produced during a 24hr artist residency at Spit & Sawdust, Cardiff