Gestures of Anatomy (2019), HD video, 2'10 excerpt (original 14'00)

Gestures of Anatomy uses the location of the launderette to focus on cyclical systems and feedback loops — looking in more depth at the characters who make up a 'social fabric'. It involves five different characters who explore in varying degree the systems that harness them. A female sex worker talks privately about her body, her sweat and desire; a man reflects on his need for breathable, clean materials whilst morphing into an advertisement sales man; a homeless male on the phone communicates his disdain at others judgement and reads about concepts of pollution and purity on his phone; and two girls communicate carelessly about their repetitive hunger, the synchronisation of their periods, and sisterhood.

Gestures of Anatomy focuses on the site of a local laundrette to reflect on ideas of hygiene and routine, thinking further about how individuals — under the political rhetoric of 'social cleansing' — are either included or excluded from a social environment.

Supported as a result of winning the Feminist Art Prize 2019, IKOB Museum of Contemporary Art, Eupen, Belgium.