Sunday, 3'40 excerpt (original 16'05), 2021

Sunday (2020) is a short fictional film that thinks about the medium of radio and how it was formerly used in the twentieth century as a technique to encourage productive labour in factories. The radio and beat of the music helped control the workforce on the assembly line, creating a constant upbeat-tempo to produce. Using this notion of the radio as a controlling, motivating and affective soundtrack for efficiency, the work experiments with how radio could be reimagined under certain contemporary conditions.

The work involves the figure of the radio agony aunt, a disembodied voice that offers anonymous callers' advice. A lady, known as Sandra, calls up talking about how numbers, rhythmic machines and voices are slowly taking over her fatigued body and obsessive mind, working much like the beat of an infectious song.

Commissioned by Quote—Unquote: Video Station, with additional support from HISK and Generator Projects