The Dynamists, 3'00 excerpt (original 11'00)

The Dynamists (2016) is a video involving Angelo Perrotti, a Belgium musician and poet from the eighties, and twelve local teenagers. Inspired by Perrotti's vocals in the underground band The System, the video emphasises the broken voice, using disruption as a reoccurring motif. The broken voice refers to transitions between different vocal registers, a phase associated mainly with puberty and adolescence. In this video language breaks down, multiple voices rupture or shift in tone, and various frequencies disrupt the sequencing of images.

Alluding to the coming-of-age genre, with its 'rites of passage', the video attempts to capture the transitional instability of adolescence and proposes disruption and conflict as an essential part to growth.

Produced and supported by Video Power, Maastricht.